“Gold opens all locks” and Aashraya Gold Company helps you to open those locks by buying your gold at real-time price.”

Aashraya Gold Company is one of the leading and most trusted gold buying companies with various branches in India. Investing your money in buying gold jewellery is one of the best investments and everyone would agree as it comes handy when there is a crunch in cash during an emergency or anytime you need extra cash.

We at Aashraya Gold Company understand the challenges that may rise in a family or a business or for any individual where they have to confront a situation in which need for money becomes crucial. If you ever face such situation and you possess gold, then never think that you have runout of cash and always remember “Gold opens all locks” and we are here to help you by providing cash for your gold.

“Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world.” - If you possess gold, then we provide cash for your gold that may help you in fulfilling your wishes.

Why choose us?

As the name “Aashraya” stands for “shelter”, we serve as a shelter for your gold where you can sell your gold at the right market price. We buy your gold and pay the most i.e. the realistic market value for your gold.
The price of the gold is volatile and every person is aware that the selling price of the gold is always less than the price at which it was bought. But the question is does the customers really get the fair and right price while selling their gold. With the emerging gold buyers in the market, it has become difficult to find a genuine gold buyer who pays the real-time price for your gold.
We are one of the trustworthy gold buyers in India who pay the most for your gold based on the real-time market price.
When selling gold, customers are unaware that the gold value gets depreciated specifying making charges, impurities, mixed alloys, and melting charges and thereby the monetary value of the gold is reduced by 20% to 25 %. But at Aashraya, we use Gold Purity Checking Instrument,the latest technology in checking the purity of gold and also we don’t apply any wastage deductions to make sure our customers get the most value for their gold.
Here are a few but most advantageous reasons why you should choose Aashraya Gold Company to sell your gold.

  • High-end technology used to check the purity of gold
  • We pay the real-time price for your gold
  • Instant quote generation and evaluation
  • Excellent and professional customer service
  • Organized ad Transparent method on every gold buying deal
  • Easy payment options cash and online or internet banking
  • Convenient locations for customers to find us when they need cash for their gold

When you are very much in need of money and whatever the reason may be emergency, personal, or to release the pledged gold, always think of Aashraya Gold Company. Our team of skilled professionals who have immense experience in buying gold will assist customers in every step in the process of selling their precious gold or gold jewellery.

Contact us today to sell your gold and see how your gold can unlock the possibilities!